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We play them, we love them and now you can earn from them. Inside this section houses the games we have found that will tickle you rewards centers and bit up your wallet. Everything from SOUL to HORA can be earned from these games. Want a little passive income in exchange for computer/phone speed and power? We've got you covered in our mining section. We even go over some apps that allow you to mine in the cloud so that it is not effecting your phone's performance. It's dripping… Might as well put your cup under it! Yup, free bits. All you have to do is view and click. While there are a ton of these out there, we will focus on a few that we have deemed worthy of our visitors.
They aren't exactly games, mining or faucets. These are some outside the box thoughts on crypto. Most revolve around the entertainment sector, but there are others as well that involve social tasks. You'll find out entertainment and airdrop crypto suggestions in here. Take a gander, you never know what you might find appealing to you. Alright Mario, so you've been all over the web and collected all these coins. What are they? Where do they go? What are they for? How do I spend them? Should I spend them? Stake them? Store them? Save them? Play with them? In the coins sections we will cover history of coins and projects they revolve around. Not to mention where to store all these new found coins of yours. Not all wallets are created equal. Tips and Tricks
So you're having fun getting out there, clicking and ticking, merging and upgrading. Now you ask, is there a way to do it better? I offer you the possibility of such here. You're doing good, but in our tips and tricks section you learn how to do better. Game strategies we've tried, faucet tricks to help claim faster, assistive apps that can aid you along the way, stumbling blocks we have come across on the way. In our tips and tricks section you'll get just that and more.
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  My Block Blog will talk about topics that justified by the site. Situations that happen with companies, games, faucets that we talk about here on the site. We'll be talking about everything from promotions to updates, airdrops to faucet drops. It's essentially our catch all for all things pertaining to free crypto collection and crypto/blockchain gaming.  

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