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ZBD Wallet

ZBD Wallet

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Love gaming? With the games below you will find a means of making some crypto currency every time you play. Overnight riches only comes from continued play and continued investment and research in your crypto currency portfolio.

Be sure to check out our wallets section to see what is out there and which one you'll need to access some of these games. The wallets act as a secure login similar to that of Facebook or Google as well a providing a secure digital location to store your digital assets..

Crypto Earning Games Apps

Games that allow you to earn coin that can be withdrawn, used and traded as an actual digital currency. If you can' pull money out they it won't be on the list. Use the link to get your Sign-Up Bonus with each game!
NameDownloadAppTypeSign-Up BonusCOINWalletMaker
AirCoinsDownload AircoinsAirCoinsActionVariousAppAircon Corp
Alien RunAlien RunAdventure500Bitcoin (BTC) (Satoshi)CoinbaseBitcoin Aliens
BItcoinBlastDownload Bitcoin Blast AppBitcoin BlastPuzzleBTC – BitcoinCoinbaseBling
Bitcoin BlocksDownload Bitcoin Blocks AppBitcoin BlocksPuzzleBTC – BitcoinCoinbaseBling
Bitcoin Pop0xWarriorsBitcoin PopAction , Pop500BTC – BitcoinCoinBaseBling Financial
Blockchain GameBlockchain Game DownloadBlockchain GameArcadeBTC – BitcoinCoinbaseBitcoin Aliens
Bitcoin SolitaireDownload Bitcoin SolitaireBitcoin SolitaireCardBTC- BitcoinCoinbaseBling
Treasure BattleTreasure StairsTreasure BlastArcadePHT – PhoneumPHT WalletPhoneum
Treasure StairsTreasure Stairs Download LinkTreasure StairsArcadePHT – PhoneumPHT WalletPhoneum
nBlocks HuntDownload nBlocks HuntnBlocks HuntEntertainmentNBL – nBlocks nBlocks WalletEOSeoul
Canon BlastCanon Blast DownloadCannon BlastArcadePHT – PhoneumPHT Wallet
CO2 GameCO2 Game Download LinkCO2 GameCasualPHT – PhoneumPHT WalletPhoneum | CO2Cards
CoinLink to COINCOINTools1000COIN (XYO)(ERC20)ERC-20 CompatibleThe Persistent Company
Crypto Connect 3Crypto Connect 3 LinkCrypto Connect 3PuzzlePHT – PhoneumPHT WalletPhoneum
Crypto Idle MinerDownload Crypto Idle Miner AppCrypto Idle MinerSimulationHORA – Hora (TRC20)TRC20Hora Games
Crypto PlanetCrypto Planet Download LinkCrypto PlanetCasualPHT – PhoneumPHT WalletPhoneum
Crypto TreasuresCrypto Treasures Download LinkCrypto TreasuresAdventure
200PHT – Phoneum
PHT WalletPhoneum
CryptoPopDownload CryptoPop AppCryptoPopFinanceETH – EthreumCoinbaseVweeter Limited
CryptoWordDownload CryptoWord AppCryptoWordPuzzleBTC – BitcoinCoinbaseVweeter Limited
PopStellarDownload Pop Stellar AppPopStellarPuzzleXLM – Stellar LumensCoinbaseVweeter Limited
Knight StoryDownload Knight Story AppKnight StoryPole PlayingTRC20
Knights for EOSIODownload Knights for EOSIOKnights of EOSIORole Playing EOS – EOSEOS WalletBiscuit Labs
Merge CatsMerge Cats LinkMergeCatsFinance300SOUL (ERC20)ERC-20 CompatibleCryptoSoul
EOS Dynasty
Three Kingdoms
Download EOS Dynasty AppEOS DynastyRole PlayingTKT – Three Kingdom Token (EOS)EOS Wallet
Crypto Sword and MagicDownload Sword & Magic For ESOIOSword & Magic for EOSIORole PlayingEOS – EOSEOS Wallet
BitBombDownload BitBomb AppBitBombPuzzleBTC – BitcoinCoinsgainerCoinsgainer
RealmXDownload Realm-X AppRealm-XRole PlayingBHC – Bitcoin CashBCH Walletblock hop
MCHAppDownload MCHapp appMCHappRole PlayingETH – EthereumETH WallettokenPocket inc
SOUL Money ClickerSoul Clicker Download LinkSoul ClickerArcadeSOUL (ERC20)ERC-20 CompatibleCryptoSoul
クリスペApp – CryptoSpellsDownload CryptoSpells appCrypto SpellsCardETH – EthereumERC721 WallettokenPocket inc
CSCG AppDownload Contract Servant appContract Servant Trading Card GameCardETH – EthereumERC721 WallettokenPocket inc
ひまつぶしApp – himapDownload ひまつぶしAppDownload ひまつぶしAppCasualETH – EthereumETH WallettokenPocket inc
CHOJO App – CryptoGirlsArenaDownload Crypto Girls Arena AppCHOJO App – Crypto GirlsCardETH – Ethereum NFTERC721 WallettokenPocket inc
Photon PongDownload Photon Pong AppPhoton PongActionLTC – LitecoinCoinbaseVweeter Limited
Photon PokerDownload Photon PokerPhoton PokerCardLTC -LitecoinCoinbaseVweeter Limited
IZXDownload IZX AppIZXAdventureIZX
Pup-PupDownload CryptoPuppy AppCryptoPuppySimulationTokensERC20Applied Blockchain Technologies
Free Bitcoin Scratch TicketFree Bitcoin Scratch TicketsFree Bitcoin Scratch TicketsArcade!!??!!BTC – BitcoinFaucetPayFree Crypto Games
Crypto SlicerDownload CryptoS SlicerCrypto SlicerCasual!!??!!SRK – SparkpointSparkpointSparkPoint Innovations Inc.
CryptoBytes FarmDownload CropBytes AppCropBytesCasual!!??!!
Code: NW82QQ
TRX – TronTronCropBytes
ETHIDLETREEDownload Eth Idle Tree AppEthIdleTreeSimulationRef Code: 767 or 347
100 GWEI (eth)
ETH – EthereumETH Wallets
Xperience Technologies
0xUniverseDownload 0xUniverse App0xUniverseStrategyETH – Ethereum0xWallet
0xRacerDownload 0xRacers0xRacersRacingETH – Ethereum0xWallet

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